You Are a Good Mom

A burdened mother was carrying the weight of the world in her heart as she tried to enjoy time away, at House of Bethel.  Days before she had learned of her daughter’s abuse that had taken place years before.  The mother was wearing a smile to cover her troubled thoughts. 

A prayer team member only felt that there were a few words that she had to share with the upcoming VRBO tenant.  She struggled to leave them because they seemed too simple. 


In this simple sentence that the Lord placed on the team member’s heart, He was able to “wrap his arms around His forlorn daughter”.  Those 5 words answered all the questions of her heart.  She felt seen and loved amidst the storm.

House of Bethel is a cozy little condo that sits on Eagle Mountain Lake. People lease the place via VRBO for a lake getaway. Upon arrival, they see hand written letters detailing the fact that the House of Bethel Prayer Team has been praying for each of them. Most receive individualized letters entailing what the Prayer Team felt the Lord was wanting to speak to each of them.

Jesus has spoken love and encouragement into many people’s hearts, and the stories of encounter are growing. The testimonies represent real people and their stories from House of Bethel, however their names have been changed.

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