Jacob’s Ladder Stories

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You’re wandering.  You’ve been trying to find your path but every time you feel like you’re on your feet, you stumble or a boulder blocks your journey. You’re navigating your way through a trying season. For most of your life you have found God near, always by your side. But lately you can’t see him…

Molten Chocolate Cake

You know what I love about Jesus?  He doesn’t give gifts according to what we DESERVE.  We are all sinners and we don’t deserve any of the good gifts that he offers us, yet he gives them because he GENUINELY LOVES us.  I was once working alongside a woman that I was ministering to whom…

Living Word

I grew up knowing that I should be reading my Bible but I rarely did so. It was a discipline that I wanted to start, needed to start, but couldn’t quite put into routine. It wasn’t until I entered a new season as a mom that I decided to begin this practice of reading my…

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