He Never Stopped Pursuing Me

I did not grow up knowing the Lord. I knew of Him, but I didn’t pursue a relationship with him. My family and friends were not Christians, and I always felt that it was a little dorky to be a Christian.

My girlfriends and I were about to graduate from Texas Tech and we decided to plan one last getaway before we began the next chapter of our lives. We booked a trip via VRBO and planned our getaway to a home on the lake.

The upcoming trip was an exciting transition from one reality into another, and something to be hopeful for. But as I prepared for this next season, I began to ponder the future and all that life has to offer. It felt that there had to be more than simply walking from one period of life into another.

So I did a thing..

Sitting on my bed in my apartment, I spoke out loud to God. I told him that if He was real and if He wanted me, then I needed Him to make it clear. I needed a sign.

A few weeks later, my friends and I journeyed to our respite on the lake. Upon arrival, we walked into the condo and found that there were personalized notes and gifts left for each of us. I opened mine and upon reading it, I realized that this was my sign from God. He pursued me and had a stranger leave me this letter. I knew that I was loved by Him and that He was real.


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