It Is Well

My husband and I stayed at House of Bethel during the Summer and we enjoyed our time there. When we arrived, I received a note that someone had been praying for me. The letter included a statement that a woman on the prayer team felt that she needed to tell me that the Lord is with me, and that “It is Well”. Included with my letter was a necklace with the same words transcribed onto it, “It is Well”.

My family and I love the Lord, and the letter and necklace were a nice touch that we appreciated. I didn’t put too much thought into the words that were written to me in the letter until we arrived home from our vacation. The morning after we got back home, we received a horrifying notification from our church family. Our church, the church that all of my children were married in, the place that they were baptized in, the building that my family sang in and built years and years of memories in.. it was on FIRE.

I was devistated to learn of this and beyond heartbroken. A flood of emotions overwhelmed me as I passed through feelings of heartache and ended with joy, because IT IS WELL. The Lord had so gently prepared my heart with such a sweet message before the travesty even occured. He reminded me that IT IS WELL. Through sorrow and pain, I can find Joy, His Joy, and It Is Well. He comforted me with His message, and He gave me strength to get through trying times. It is well.


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