Keep It Simple

If you’re like me, this season has caused you to grow and stumble, and all at the same time.  Though it has been trying time and time again, one thing has remained the same within my heart.  

I truly desire to live my life in a way that points others to Jesus.  Lately I find myself pondering the question of HOW I can achieve this.

Maybe you can relate with me, or perhaps you have had a different experience.  Maybe prior to this year you were living your life from day to day without giving much attention to the specials plans and purposes the the Lord has for YOU.  Perhaps this season has stirred something within you. 

Whatever season you find yourself walking in, I have good news for you.  We can truly make a difference in the lives of others and plant seeds of LOVE straight from the heart of Jesus, and we can keep it simple. 

My children and I love to gather rocks as we go on walks together.  (Or you can easily buy them on Amazon).  Then, we come together and pray and create LIFE ROCKS.  We say a simple prayer and ask the Lord what He wants to speak to His children.  Next, we have faith that we can hear Him!

We write down one encouraging and uplifting word onto each rock with a Sharpie.  My children do this too, so messy handwriting or misspelled words are frequent, but the love is genuine.  Next, we pray again and ask the Lord to highlight people to us as we go about our day.  Again, we have to take a leap of faith and believe that we can hear Him.  

Let me give you a reason to offer grace to yourself.  Even if you get it wrong, is it ever really a bad thing to show love and encouragement to someone?  Irregardless of “getting it right” or not, your heart is to love on people, and that is right along with the heart of Jesus.

Various Ways To Hand Out Life Rocks

*When you’re in the drive through at Starbucks, ask God to highlight a rock for the barista.  Hand the rock to the woman (or man) and tell her you prayed this morning and asked God to choose the right person for this rock, and you believe it is for her (or him).  

*While shopping at Walmart, ask God to point out a car.  Did you take notice of the red Jeep?  Go place a rock on the ground by the driver door.

*When you are waiting to pick up paint at Home Depot, ask God to highlight someone that is in proximity of you.  Walk up to the man that you take notice of and tell him that you feel this message is for him.

*While at the park, ask your son if he’d like to hand a rock to someone that he has noticed.  He might be excited, or he might be nervous.  If he is cautious, he is looking to you to be a model of this love act.  Walk over together and hand it to the child or grandmother that you son noticed.  

Rock Message Ideas









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