Trust That He Has Already Figured It Out

Emery and Van were little, around the ages of 1 and 3.  I was staying home with my kids but would occasionally take tutoring jobs here and there to help fluff our budget a bit.  Unexpectedly, a woman contacted me via e-mail inquiring if I was interested in tutoring her daughters.  We had just walked out of a tiring season, and every bit of me wanted to say NO THANK YOU.  Sure, the extra money would be nice, but I was mentally exhausted.

Nothing inside of me wanted to take something extra into my already busy life, but something told me that I should speak with the woman.  I humored her and responded to her questions, and she kept pursuing me.  Reluctantly I met with her over coffee to discuss the job.  

The job that she offered was for me to tutor several hours a week, again, something that I was not interested in.  I threw out an hourly price for my work that I knew she would never accept.  But then she did.

It wasn’t more than a month or two into the job when life again got interesting.  

One of our rental properties became a burden as our tenant moved out unexpectedly.  We had always counted on the monthly income for this property.  The loss of expected income from no longer keeping a tenant coupled with a last minute decision to update the property and sell, created a potentially hazardous financial drain on our family.

But God.  

I’m a little slow at times to see the obvious.  But thankfully a week or so later it occurred to me that the loss we were incurring each month from losing our tenant was an exact match to the gain we were receiving with my new job.  

It was literally a financial swap.

God had provided the exact amount of income that we needed, and He did it a month in advance.  

God is ALWAYS on time.  He never leaves us and He won’t forsake us.  As we learn to trust Him and truly believe that He has nothing but good things in store for us, blessings unfold all around us.  

I’m a work in progress, because my obedience often looks like a toddler reluctantly obeying.  But He is so gentle and patient in taking my hand to guide me, and I am ever so grateful for it because every time I take a step of obedience, the grace and blessings fall upon me like nothing I’ve seen before.


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