“What do you want to be when you grow up?”  A great question to a child, isn’t it?  When this question is brought forth, a child begins to dream.  And that dream.. it is limitless.  God has abundant futures for EACH of us.  

But what about today?

He doesn’t only create beauty in the end.  There is gold in our NOW.

I was talking to my youngest recently and he began to speak to his future.  He told me that he would go to law school when he’s older and he will finish the dream that his Daddy is starting.  His words seemed quite prophetic and mature, and I agreed.  I began to ponder how awesome it is that he is able to speak to what he sees for himself.

Yet in that moment, I realized that he doesn’t just have GOLD in his future, he has gold in his NOW. So I mentioned this to him and we agreed to pray together to ask God what he has for him NOW.  

What does God have for him Today.  Tomorrow. This week.  This month. And this season.

After a simple prayer given by two open hearts, I saw a LIGHT come back into my child’s eyes that I had not seen in a while.  One conversation with God put purpose in my child’s steps and meaning to his days.  He felt affirmed and seen.

What would happen if we kept our lives this simple, calling out to God each day to say, “Hey Dad!  What do you want to do TODAY?”


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