Taste and See

“Oh taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man that trusts in him.”  Psalm 34:8 

It is one of my most favorite scriptures, as it details not only that the Lord is good, but that he gives us the ability to TASTE it and the opportunity to SEE it.  This is a notion of not only reading or hearing about his goodness, but actually EXPERIENCING it.  Have you tasted it? I certainly have, and one of my favorite encounters was truly miraculous. 

One evening, as we were putting our kids to bed, Nathan prayed a prayer that felt odd. In fact if I were to be honest, I’d say I might have thrown a few hidden eye rolls as my husband prayed for our kids. His words felt so ridiculous and dramatic, as he literally prayed for angels to surround each of our kids and he even took the time to list off each side of our children.  “Lord, we ask that you will place an angel to the left side of Emery, an angel below her”, and so on..

The next morning, I was on a walk with a close friend, both of us with our littles in tow. As we walked through the park, our kids were riding their tricycles.  My youngest did his best at his Fred Flinstone walk, as his little legs couldn’t quite reach the pedals. As we meandered around the trail, our kids curiously pulled their bikes to the edge of the path in an effort to look down into the river bed below.

In one moment, my 20 month old was sitting on his three wheel, and in the next he was completely out of sight.  The embankment was so steep in that area that when his front wheel became unstable, gravity grabbed hold of him and pulled him down head first. My small child fell head first over 12 feet into a river embankment. I did what any mom would do and engaged in my best Wonder Woman act and practically fell in, in an effort to get to him.

I approached my child and saw that his tricycle was neatly arranged around his body.  It appeared to be gently placed around him as if to miss harming his small frame.  He wasn’t making a peep. I removed the tricycle and prayed fervently for him like never before.

The firemen arrived first after a 911 call made by my friend. Seeing as the area was so steep, they searched for another path to us.  Once they arrived, they scooped us up into the ambulance and took us to the ER.

After multiple tests, the doctors found absolutely nothing wrong with my child.  Zero broken bones, no bruises, no twisted or sprained limbs, and no concussion.  There was not a thing wrong with him except for a small scratch on his head.  He fell twelve feet and head first into a river embankment and yet there was nothing wrong with him.

I believe with all of my heart that God, our Father, cares for every detail of our lives.  He cares SO much, that when we are in tune with him, he even tells us how to pray.  Nathan could hear his Father’s still quiet voice and without even realizing it, he was interceding for his children in a way that God was directing him.  There was without a doubt angels on each side of my son and they were there to catch him and gently place him on the ground.  

I have always known God is good, but that day I got to TASTE it.  Have you tasted his goodness? 


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