Living Word

I grew up knowing that I should be reading my Bible but I rarely did so. It was a discipline that I wanted to start, needed to start, but couldn’t quite put into routine.

It wasn’t until I entered a new season as a mom that I decided to begin this practice of reading my Bible daily. Having a daughter made me want to be better, and I set out to make reading my Bible, ordinary.

Concurrently, my sister was walking into a new season. She had recently given birth to a baby girl, and her heart was yearning to be home with her post maternity leave. For many, this is a heart-filled request, but for my sister it felt obligatory. She had given several years to her company working 60-80 hours a week, or more. She wanted and needed to be more available to her young family. Quitting her job didn’t feel like an option, and my sister felt hopeless.

My sister’s situation began to consume my thoughts and my mind was determined to find a solution. I found myself journaling prayers to the Lord on my sister’s behalf, pleading to Him to create a scenario where she could stay home with her children without creating a financial burden on her family. 

At the same time, I was beginning my routine of daily Bible reading. It didn’t take long for the Lord to draw me in. He wanted me to understand who He is in a new and intimate way. 

He allowed me to Taste and See that His Word is living.

Each day as I read my Bible, I began to notice that the chapter I was reading through was implanting Hope and Faith into my heart, breathing Life into what my sister was facing. As I read scripture in Matthew 14 and many others, I was being filled with an immeasurable amount of Faith that Jesus intended for her work life to change and that he would make her time and money multiply, so that she could be home with her children.

It felt as if I was sitting in Starbucks having a conversation with the Lord about my sister, because the words I was reading kept speaking to her situation.

Within a few short months, in a way that only HE can do, Jesus multiplied my sister’s time and money, allowing her to be home five days a week, while bringing in a higher salary.

His word is living.


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